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Rural Gardens

Fergus grew up in a small country town in southern New Zealand, surrounded by a picturesque, ornamental garden. Inspired by the green thumbs of his parents and grandparents, his passion for all things horticultural evolved from an early age. Many of his fondest childhood memories are of adventures in nature and nurturing their family garden.

In 1989, lured by the bright lights and new opportunities, Fergus made the move to Melbourne. He honed his expertise by earning qualifications in both horticulture and garden design, continuing on to maintain some of Melbourne’s most prestigious gardens.

In 2005, a pivotal moment arrived when Fergus teamed up with the esteemed garden designer, Ian Barker. Over the course of seven productive years, they co-founded the maintenance division of what has evolved into one of Melbourne’s most respected landscape companies, Ian Barker Gardens.

However, Fergus’ true horticultural dream was fulfilled in 2012 when he made the bold decision to move to Central Victoria and establish Rural Gardens. This venture focuses on maintaining country properties designed by some of Australia’s most notable landscape designers.

With over thirty years of experience in horticulture, business and management, Fergus possesses a wealth of knowledge which he ardently applies to realise Rural Gardens vision, ‘working as a team to create beautiful, healthy gardens for our clients to admire and enjoy’.

As the Director and Team Leader of Rural Gardens, Fergus holds an impressive educational background, including a Graduate Diploma in Urban Horticulture and a Graduate Certificate in Garden Design, both from Melbourne University’s Burnley Campus.

Today Fergus is a well respected figure in the world of horticulture, leading a passionate team dedicated to crafting breathtaking gardens that bring admiration and joy to all who behold them.